About Horse Bedding Wood pellets
Wooden pellets may be used for both stoking and bedding. The wooden pellets are manufactured from 100 percent clean wood. Foreign substances have been removed. When used as bedding in the stall, the wooden pellets are crushed, which forms a soft and bouncy base. Mucking is easy, as the unused wooden pellets fall away, which means that only the dirty bedding is removed.

Clean the stall.
On first use in a standard, approximately 12m2 stall, distribute six to eight bags evenly in each stall.
Remove horse droppings on a daily basis and wet stains as required, then supplement the bedding.
Maintenance: Approximately one bag per stall per week.

Less mucking
Minimal dung heap
Bright and welcoming bedding

Technical specifications
per bag 16 kg

66 bags per pallet
8 mm
Material: clean shavings and sawdust